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How long will it take to get my mower?

It depends on the time of the year. After account activation we will immediately put an order in for your equipment. As long as we have your specific type of equipment left in our fleet, we will usually try to get it delivered 48 - 72 hours depending upon equipment availability (excluding robotic mowers).


This is why we ask that you sign up as soon as possible, we have limited equipment and some types run out quickly.


When do my membership payments start?

We will charge your account the first months membership and the Reservation Fee at the time of sign-up. You membership month begins on the delivery date of your equipment. You first month is included with your initial payment. All subsequent membership payments are then scheduled on the day of the month we delivered the equipment. So, if we delivered your equipment on the 11th of the month, your monthly payment will be charged on the 11th of the month thereafter. Please remember the Reservation Fee portion that you payed when you signed up does not apply towards any membership payments. It is strictly to get your account started. 


Do I pay the membership payment in the winter?

Yes our membership dues are based on a budgeted annual payment which is the same throughout the year. We can provide a seasonal payment plan, however it will cost about 15-20% more annually. This is due to the complexity of having to switch the amount of the payments and then tracking it all.


Is there a contract?

We do ask our members to sign a simple, single page one year Guarantee Service Agreement. This agreement insures that Mower Genius provides you with a great service! Additionally, the member acknowledges that they have received the equipment, they understand how to use it and they will contact us if there is a repair needed. As well, it lists the agreed upon membership price. Additionally, it requires Mower Genius to maintain the equipment and guarantee your satisfaction in our service. As well, if you are not satisfied with the service or you move, you can cancel your membership with a 30 day notice at no cost to you!


Can I cancel the membership?

Yes, you can cancel the membership for our members lack of service satisfaction, as well if the member is moving (non-Platinum members). We just ask for a 30 day notice. There are zero cancellation fees. However, you could incur some additional fee's if you wanted to start another membership. This is dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the cancelation. Additionally, we do retain the right to not provide you with a new membership if there have been historical issues with use, payments or other related account activities. 


Do I keep the lawn mower after use?

Yes, once delivered you store it in a safe, dry location at your home, like a shed or garage. You keep it for the entirety of your membership and you can use it anytime you like on your property.


Where is the Lawn Mower Club available?

Currently we provide service to:

Middle Tennessee, this would include all of the Nashville Metro area and Murfreesboro, call to get more details. We will be expanding to other areas in Tennessee in the near future. 


What do I do if I live beyond the service area?

We serve a large area of Tennessee, so if you are not sure give us a call and we can let you know.


Who is responsible for repairs or damage?

We cover all lawn mowers, weed trimmers etc... for all repairs without any cost to you. If there was damage due to obvious neglect, such as hitting the equipment with a vehicle, we would assess the damage and you could be charged for the repair.


Does it take a long time for a repair?

That is the beauty of the Lawn Mower Club. We guarantee a repair or replacement of your equipment. Depending upon you location it could take as little as 48 hours after notification, however it could be a little longer during certain times of the season.


Do I keep the mower in the winter?

Yes, at the beginning of each season we will contact you to have you mower serviced for the season, all at no cost to you. It is all part of the membership.  


What if I do not have a shed or garage?

You can still join the Lawn Mower Club if you are able to store it safely and keep it dry. We do allow you to store it in a rear yard under a cover and secured with a lock. We do sell both locks and covers.


Are there any other fees?

Upon new account activation we do collect a one time Reservation Fee (non-refundable). This allows us to get your account set up and your equipment ready. As well, there can be an extended transport fee depending on your location. We will advise you of this upon scheduling your delivery.


How to I get my LMC equipment to my home?

We bring it right to your home for free, it is all part of the membership.


Do I have to maintain the lawn mower?

No, that is our job. As part of your membership we provide the annual service on the equipment when we have it in the winter season. You only have to add gas and go.


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