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Trade In Your Old Mower

Get it out of the garage!

We believe in the Lawn Mower Club and how much you will benefit from membership, that we want nothing to prevent you from becoming a member. Even if you already have a walk mower, riding mower or zero turn mower. We will buy your used mower and give you credit towards your membership. 


How does it work?

  1. You will need to find the membership plan that fit's your needs.

  2. You will need to join the Club.

  3. After you join we will contact you to schedule the delivery of your new mower. 

  4. When we contact you, let's us know that you have a mower that you would like an offer on (you must let us know at the time of scheduling).

  5. Upon delivery we will load your used mower and bring it back to our facility.

  6. We will assess your mower and determine it's value based on the condition and fair market value.

  7. Within 7 days we will have an offer for you. 

  8. If you accept the offer we will provide the funds in the form of a credit to your membership. The credit will be applied starting on the second (2) month of membership and thereafter until the funds are exhausted.

  9. If you do not accept the offer and we cannot come to an agreement. We will return the mower at no cost to you at all.

How do we determine the offer?

We want to provide you with the best deal possible. We offer this service to help out our members. In valuation we must consider storing, repairing, servicing and reselling, we strive to make a small profit in the process. There are times that the mowers are not running and in such poor shape that we cannot offer any credit. We however will cart it away and dispose of the mower at no cost to the member. All this goes into providing the buying/trade in service.


We clearly define the value based on the market and condition. 95% of members who have inquired, have sold/traded in their mower.

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